Leonardo The Flinchy’s Bio


One of the first books I ever read, that I didn’t have to read, was “The Denial of Death”…… It was a psychology about how the human mind lives in denial of certain truths, basically because it helps us function better on the planet. The thought of a self-induced denial system built into our brain really fascinated me. That’s when I took an interest in Human beliefs and behavior…..

 In my late twenties I gave up alcohol….. for health reasons .) …. and thats’s when I began to take an interest in spirituality.I guess I liked the idea of a higher power that was interested in my well being..…whether it was true or not didn’t really concern me at the time….. I was also introduced to meditation and still meditate regularly.

 I began reading religious books and new age spiritual books….. Eventually I took an interest in Buddhism, then Buddhist psychology and Zen Buddhism….. At the time I was also reading books on evolution and evolutionary psychology…..I eventually turned away from religion, except maybe Buddhist psychology. Which I view more as an observation of reality.

 I worked at mechanically based jobs until my forties then switched fields. I became a licensed massage therapist and a registered yoga instructor for about 10 years. I also became a registered hypnotist for a while but only worked as a volunteer for a short amount of time at a college…

   I always had an interest in art and music and when I was growing up. My Grand father and my brother in-law were both artists, who influenced me…. Then I became interested in Vincent Van gogh’s work and the other impressionists. I spent a lot of days wandering around the Metropolitan museum…..



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